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Full Tilt Poker Referral Code

In the world of online poker bonus codes, what is happening with the full tilt poker referral code? The first question is what is Full Tilt Poker, and one way to answer that is to introduce one of its foundings members, Andy Bloch.

This is simply a code that you may enter when you make your registration as a first time player at full tilt poker. The process to sign up is very easy and quick, you will be done in one minute. Simply enter your details including your chosen username. This is an important step, so think carefully about the username you want to use when you play online poker at full tilt. Once chosen you cannot change it and as you cannot register two accounts under the same name, you will carry this username forever, so make sure you like it.

Usernames are quite an interesting feature of online poker, and each player is trying to use one that has the most chance to intimidate his opponents or to be remembered as the username of a champion. Just to take one example, a famous online poker pro named Kevin Saul is using the username BelOwAbOve. This sounds quite a strange name, does it not? The story of this username is coming from a bet lost against another poker pro, forcing him to name himself Below Above, where Above was part of the other player's username.

Another famous username is durrrr used by Full Tilt pro Tom Dwan. Note the four 'r' in the name, which is close to nothing as far as etymology or English orthography is concerned. The story of his name according to Tom is that he picked this name is order to make his opponents tilt more easily, given the absurdity of that username.

So when you will register your new account at full tilt, you must enter all these personal details. The referral code is an optional field to enter. If you have such a code, type it in as it will guarantee that you get your 100% bonus up to $600, in other words whatever your first deposit of real cash will be, they match it with the same amount in bonus money to a maximum of 600 dollars.

Then you can convert that bonus money into real cash by simply playing at real money tables or tournaments.

Full Tilt Poker is one of the top online poker rooms, noteworthy in particular by their impressive stable of poker pros including Phil Ivey, so try them if you have not yet done so. And make sure to use a full tilt poker referral code when you register.

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