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Results of the recent tournament

Filming day is always a challenge and turns out to be a long day of work, preparation and somewhere along the line, exciting and fun. For the crew it starts at 6:00 am, mounting the light grid, tracing cables, measuring camera sight lines, adjusting lighting and audio levels, and making sure that the TV table is wired and ready to go.

For the players it means showing up before the tournament starts and introducing themselves to the camera, give us some insight into their strategy for the day and learn some pointers on how to act and interact in a televised poker game. For pros like Johnny Chan who has been on countless television sets and filmed numerous poker shows it's old hat. For many players on the Canadian Poker Tour they need to be educated.

Danny Chang, Senior Table Games Specialist emphasized the appeal that comes from having televised events in Canada.

"Having the Canadian Poker Tour film this event has proved a great draw for players from across North America to participate in the Johnny Chan Poker Classic. Of course, having a world champion like Johnny Chan at the event is also a great opportunity for players to meet and play with one of the greatest poker figures in the world."

Final Table Chip Counts:

  • Player Chip Count
  • Keith Wintermans 1,900,000
  • Jody Trainer 1,200,000
  • Tony Ng 1,124,000
  • Henry Tran 818,000
  • Tommy Pavlicek 683,000
  • Nelson Batista 640,000
  • Joe Corbett 483,000
  • J.R. Javier 342,000
  • Steve Giannelis 237,000
  • Paddy O'Hara 74,000

Since the host of the Johnny Chan Poker Classic wasn't able to play on the final table, he was present to say good luck to the final 10, thank everyone that participated in the week of events, and encouraged them to take the money home. Off to stage right, the CPT desk was home for Terry Dennis and Adam Schwartz who analysed the live action, hosted some bust-out interviews, and had the opportunity to sit with Johnny and Brad Booth to get their take on highlights during the tournament and some player eliminations.

Starting at LVL 20 (blinds 15/30K + 3K) it takes all of 2 hands to create the first bust-out where J.R. came over top of Tommy's preflop raise of 90K with an all-in. Holding 88, it would put Tommy to the test. Apparently the final table seats were uncomfortable since neither one of these two seemed intent on staying long. Tommy calls the 306K all-in with JKo, spikes a Jack on the flop and J.R. is sent packing back to Port Moody, BC, albeit with $25,000 back in his pocket.

On Hand #13 the next elimination in 9th was local player, Paddy O'Hara. Short on chips and personality, he didn't expect to last long starting the day with a fraction of the total chips in play. Throwing his entire 42K stack in on 66, it was a no-brainer for Joe to protect the pot with his pocket ladies and send Paddy back to his home loch of Vancouver.

After the first player break, the blinds increase to 20/40K +4K ante and we don't have to wait very long for the next fireworks involving a short-stack. Steve's enthusiasm for the game was much younger than his 60 years but he was confident and savvy to the play of the youngsters around him and excited to participate. Coming from Edmonton, AB, he cashed in 22nd place for the Pot Limit event, in addition to collecting $35,000 for his work in the main event. His largest cash to date in the CPT, came not long ago, winning $100,000 at the Great Canadian Freezeout at Cash Casino (Calgary) last February.

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